Lite Luxe.

Lite luxe is a clinic in double bay sydney, designed by two busy working mothers that wanted to create a professional skincare treatment that you can have on your lunch break or inbetween meetings.

When I first walked into the salon I was amazed at the combination of a spa like atmosphere and state of the art technology.

The treatment goes for a total of fifteen minutes and costs fifty dollars, which to me is pretty reasonable considering the price of some facials these days, and we are all so busy its fantastic for getting in and getting out, and also leaving skin with a radiant glow. 

The technology is called heallite II which is a non abrasive healing light that aims to target acne, dehydration, pigmentation while plumpling collagen at the same time, genius! 

Once you walk in you are seated in a really comftorable arm chair, which I prefer to a bed so I don’t fall asleep and don’t wanna leave, then if you have any spf or treatment products on you are treated to a quick cleanse using skinceutical products. The light is then placed over your face and gets working at plumping the skin, I personaly felt abit of a tingle which is normal, and the light itself is non invasive you just feel a slight warmthness to the face.

Whilst your under the light your treated to a hand and arm massage, which is heavenly. And while I was under the light I felt like I drifted off to a beach somewhere, I was sad for it to be over! 

After the fifteen minutes is up your treated to a vitamin c based serum then a mosturizer, I went to sit at the beautifuly decorated vanity area to re apply my makeup and was amazed at the texture and radiance of my skin, and its pretty big for me to say that since I use such active cosmeceutical skincare.

I would recommend this to anyone who wants to boost the benefits of their current skincare routine, while at the same time have the spa exprience.

If anyone is around the sydney area lite luxe is located at Shop 13, 20-26 Double Bay and can be found at

It’s only fifteen minutes to amazing skin, what have you got to loose? 

Thanks again to jody and the team at lite luxe for having me, cant wait for my next treatment.

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