Elucent Skincare Anti Ageing Body Moisturiser.

Image: http://www.elucentskincare.com

As much as I love my skincare, and I really really do, I tend to become abit lazy when it comes to body products, and to me alot of the body lotions on the market seem to just sit on the skin and I hate that. I got given the Anti Ageing Body Moisturiser from Elucent Skincare and fell in love with it.

The thing I love most about this product is that it is super lightweight in consistency and absorbs into the skin instantly, without leaving any sort of white marks or greasy feeling.

The product contains Alpha Hydroxy Acids and Vitamins B3 & E.

Because of the AHA’s in the product I would personally use it more as a night treatment, but if you wish you can also use it during the day under a sunscreen.

It makes a nice addition to any skincare routine that you have.

To find out more about this product and Elucent Skincare you can go to http://www.elucentskincare.com.

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