La Prairie Cellular Power Serum Day.

 I have purchased things from the brand in the past and I was lucky enough to recieve this product to try. I know that to some it might be a super expensive purchase but for me I like to spend money on my skincare and I personaly noticed a difference in my skin the next day after using this product and that is alot for me to say since I am constantly trying so many products.

This lightweight supercharged serum from La Prairie is a bit of a miracle product, what it does is it aims to supercharge any other product that you mix it with or put on top of like a moisturiser, and aims to build your skins own natural defence system. You can apply it morning and or at night under your moisturser or sunscreen, I personaly like using it best during the day as I feel like my makeup on goes on alot smoother and it leaves me with a nice glow.

As I said above, I noticed a dramatic difference in my skin after only a day of using it, makeup went on better, my skin felt like velvet even after I had washed my face and I had colleagues compliment on how good my skin looked. For me no matter how many times I use the product it has the same affect everytime, my skin just loves it, and as expensive as it is I probably would repurchase as I like investing in my skin routine.

I would recommend this to anyone who loves their skincare and wants to treat themselves.

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