Seven Australian Brands Currently On My Radar.


IKOU is a brand I have only discovered in the past few months but am so happy to have some of the products in my beauty cupboard, beyond skincare the brand also has a whole host of products for the body and home along with herbal teas and aromatherapy products.

The textures and fragrances in the products are really well thought out and feel really beautiful on the skin, I have really enjoyed everything I have tried from the range.


Enbacci is a luxury Australian skincare brand which focuses on creating products that use really beautiful ingredients, My favourites from the range are definitely products from the Vitis Vinifera range as it helps to keep the skin hydrated whilst helping to target the first signs of ageing.

Antidote Essentials: 

The boys who created this range have succeeded really well at creating a range that consists of skincare products that we all use and need on a daily basis, the products in the range also contain natural ingredients and pure plant extracts. They have really aced the textures and consistencies of the products, they all absorb really well into the skin and just do what they say on the label.


Biologi is a range of serums for the face and body where each serum contains an extract from a single plant and is 100% active, the serums and super lightweight and sink to the skin really easily without leaving any sort of residue. The packaging is also really easy to travel with which means you can always have the products with you.

My favourite product in the range has to be the body serum as it absorbs quickly and leaves my skin hydrated but never greasy.

Organic Spa: 

Organic Spa is a certified organic and vegan line of products made in Byron Bay. I like the Organicsceuticals line in particular as I have found it to be really good at refining the texture and tone of my skin.

Billie Goat Soap:

The Billie Goat Soap range was created by a mum who had eczema, the products contain high-quality ingredients that include Premium Oils and Australian Goat Milk that help to keep the skin hydrated and nourished.

Product Recommendations: Goats Milk Soap - OriginalIntensive Eczema & Psoriasis Balm, Intensive Hand Cream - Natural, Hydrating Face Day Cream.


Glyco is the latest range of products that I have started to incorporate into my routine, the products in the range contain medical grade ingredients with powerful botanicals and I can honestly say from using the products I have noticed a big difference in the texture and tone of my skin.

My favourites from the range are for sure the Micro-D Intensive as there is nothing I love more than a good exfoliator and the Daily Resurfacing Pads as they have really helped smooth out the texture of my skin.

Product Recommendations: Micro-D Intensive, Daily Resurfacing Pads, Hydra-Pep Cleansing Balm, Advanced Cellular Stem-C Serum.

Simon x
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