A Year In Beauty.

Hello and welcome to a year in beauty, I have never actually done one of these stories before but this year has been the year where I have really stuck to a routine and found some holy grail beauty products. As apart of my job as a beauty writer I am constantly trialing new products to feature on the site, but this year in particular I have really stuck to a strict skincare routine whilst adding bits and pieces to trial for the site.

At the start of last year I went into Rationale in the emporium for a skin consultation, I think that's one of the biggest things I have learnt not just this year but in general is to go into a clinic and get your skin properly diagnosed.

Since my initial skin consultation I have been getting regular treatments every 4-6 weeks and have found they have helped to keep my skin healthy and have helped with my personal skin concerns such as breakouts and pigmentation.

I thought for this story I would share my 17 favourite products from 2017, there are a lot of repurchases and backups mentioned and I feel like this year has been the year where I have figured out what works for me and my skin.

1. Kate Somerville Exfolikate Cleanser: You know you really love a product when you already buy a new one when you have one on the go, I never want to be without this. It has a creamy consistency to it which does foam but never feels drying or stripping, it also contains enzymes (Pineapple, Pumpkin and Papaya) as well as Glycolic and Lactic Acid which really help to clear any build up and refine skin texture.
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2. Goldfaden MD Doctor's Scrub: This scrub is seriously life changing, I love using a scrub a few times a week and especially before a big event to give my skin a glow. I love this one in particular because although it has good grit and gives a great exfoliation it never leaves my skin feeling stripped or uncomfortable, It's another product that I always like to have nearby and backups at the ready.
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3. Kate Somerville Clarifying Treatment Toner: I never was a big toner user until I was recommended this product from Mecca Cosmetica and I am so glad to have it in my routine, it has really helped to gently refine the texture of my skin and keep my breakouts at bay.

 4. Rationale Immunologist Serum: I was recommended this serum at the time of my skin consultation and it is the serum that has made me fall in love with Niacinamide. I use this serum in the morning after my toner and before my moisturiser and or sunscreen and have found it has helped keep my skin calm, blemishes at bay and helped to keep my skin balanced and healthy.

5. Rationale Catalyst Serum: Praise to the year 2017 where I have this product in my life, I have always struggled with breakouts and those little red bumps around my jawline and this product has significantly helped reduce those issues. It has helped to keep the texture of my skin really smooth and my skin even toned, it has actually made me so happy with my skin to the point where I don't wear nearly as much makeup as I used too and feel more confident without makeup.

6. Sunday Riley Good Genes: Regular readers and dear friends of mine will know how much I love this product, two of my closest friends even got me a bottle for my birthday! This year especially I have fallen in love over and over again with this product, I personally like to use it at night after I cleanse without anything else on top.

I sometimes do use a moisturiser on top if I feel like my skin needs it but most of the time I like using this serum on its own, I find it has helped to reduce those little bumps I get around my jawline and adds a glow to my skin.
7. Goldfaden MD Bright Eyes: One of my biggest eye area concerns is dark circles and this product has made a huge difference to my under eye area, it has brightened the area dramatically and has also kept the area really hydrated. I like that it's light, absorbs well and sits beautifully under makeup, I always have this product in my beauty cupboard and always will.
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8. Mario Badescu Drying Lotion: For the times when I get a breakout I instantly reach for this product, I dip a cotton tip into the bottom of the bottle and apply directly onto the spot. I find it really good at drying out the spot and reducing breakouts dramatically, even overnight.

Just make sure to never shake the bottle and to leave it upright on your vanity.
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9. Dr Dennis Gross Hyaluronic Moisture Cushion: I have an oily combination skin type and don't like moisturisers that are too heavy on the skin, this one has been an absolute godsend. It is more of a gel consistency and leaves the skin feeling hydrated but never greasy, I like using it both morning and night and it's one I know I can always fall back onto.
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10. La Roche Posay Toleriane Ultra Overnight: I really really love this product, especially whenever my skin is feeling reactive or over sensitized. As I am constantly trying new products for the site it's good to know I have this in my cupboard for when I want to strip things back.

It feels like a serum on the skin but is super hydrating, it absorbs really well and although it's classed as an overnight cream but I like using it morning and night. I also love the packaging as it is really easy to travel with which is always a bonus in my books.
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11. Mecca Cosmetica Lit From Within Illuminating Primer: I always like to have a glow and have found this product great at instantly giving my skin a glow but somehow it never looks overly shiny or greasy, I like that you can't see any glitter and it does truly give skin that lit from within look.

I like using this either before my foundation or mixed into my foundation if I want to sheer out the coverage, I also like using it on its own even without foundation to give my skin a glow.
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12. Mecca Cosmetica Enlightened Lit From Within Illuminating Balm: Following the same vein as the above mentioned product this product gives an amazing glow to the skin, it has a really beautiful texture which instantly melts into the skin and gives an instant glow.

I love this product in particular as on the skin it almost looks translucent whilst giving the skin a megawatt glow, I am quite pale so I need to be careful when it comes to things like undertones but this product looks beautiful on my skin.

I also like that I can apply it on top of powder and it never moves the product below it.
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13. Bare Minerals BarePro Performance Wear Liquid Foundation: And the award for best foundation of the year goes to this one, I feel like I have finally found my holy grail foundation. First of all, it is the perfect colour match for my skin [Eds note: I wear shade 10 Cool Beige] and does not budge, even if I don't wear powder or only use a little bit it lasts on my skin all day long. It's transfer resistant and contains skincare benefits that help keep the skin healthy whilst your wearing it, which is always a bonus in my books.

I think it's really important to find a foundation that matches to your skin tone, this one matches me perfectly which means if I want to I can only apply where needed or apply a thin layer all over.
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14. YvesSaintLaurent Touche Eclat: It's pretty safe to say that this product needs no introduction, it's a true cult classic for a reason. No matter what concealer product I use, I keep going back to this. I love how thin in consistency it is and how it never accentuates any lines and instantly makes my eyes look more awake, it will be forever in my makeup bag and never too far away from me.
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15. RMS Beauty Tinted Un Powder: I had been on the hunt for a holy grail powder and I believe I have found it in this product, I personally like a loose powder to set my foundation and this one in particular is superfine in consistency and sets my makeup in place without it looking cakey. It also works really well at setting my under eye concealer.
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16. Nudestix Eyebrow Stylus: As someone who travels and is on the go a lot, I like having 2in1 products in my makeup bag. I love this eyebrow product because it has an angeled crayon on one end  and a gel on the bottom. If I am doing an everyday look I just use the gel to brush my brows up and into place but if I want a bolder brow look I will use the pencil and then the gel to set it in place.
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17. Escentric Molecule Molecule 01: Last but definitely not least, this has been my favourite fragrance from the past year. This fragrance is known for its ability to smell different on anyone who wears it, on me it smells quite woody with a hint of musk. I like it the most because it's just so easy to wear and I never have to think about it, I just instantly reach for it. There is just something about this scent, it smells so clean and refreshing on the skin.
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So, here it is, my top 17 beauty products of 2017. Do you have any favourites from the year? Let me know below.

Simon x

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