My Experience: Venus Viva Treatment at Claire Francoise.

Being the beauty obsessive that I am, I am always on the lookout for skin treatments to try for myself and to also share the experience on my site. Claire Francoise is someone who I really trust with my skin and I have been visiting the clinic for over the past year or more now for treatments. When she told me about the Venus Viva Treatment I knew it would be a good one to try.

Claire so kindly answered some questions on the mentioned treatment, continue reading to hear what she had to say about it.
Firstly, can you give my readers a quick overview on the treatment you gave me?

I performed the Venus Viva treatment on you today which uses nano fractional radio frequency to treat your skin from the dermal layer up for complete skin rejuvenation. Nano Fractional Radio Frequency is especially unique because it can treat nearly all skin types and skin conditions with minimal downtime for maximum results in scarring, pigmentation, wrinkles, fine lines and enlarged pores. 

Who would best suit the treatment? 

Everyone can experience the benefits of Venus Viva Skin Resurfacing. 

Is there anything particular a client should do before the treatment? i.e. limit sun exposure, shave, not use certain ingredients in their skincare routine? 

For men they would need to shave a day before. It’s also advisable to keep out of the sun as well as keeping the skin well hydrated and clean, also recommended would be using a vitamin B serum for two weeks prior that will ensure optimal skin healing. Smoking should also be stopped for obvious reasons, but in terms of Viva Skin Resurfacing, smoking delays the healing of the skin and will increase downtime, so if possible quit for at least 5-7 days prior and not on the day of treatment.

Is there any down time? 

Downtime is varied between individuals but is mainly approximately 12-24 hours. Then the skin will go through noticeable change over the course of 5-7 days. The skins texture will feel a little rough to the touch and some dryness may be present. 

Sometimes there can be prolonged redness and in some rare instances, there can also be some swelling. After the first week of healing, then the dermal layer of the skin begins to rebuild itself for long term visible results. 

Another important contributing factor which is often ignored, is the existing health of a patient’s skin; thus can contribute to the downtime and outcome. For example, if the dermis is strong, (I call it the mattress of your skin) and is full of collagen and elastin then the top layer of your skin (epidermis) will have less visible signs of aging and their skin will bounce back quicker and with better results. 

How long until I see results? 

The week after when the patient does an at home gentle exfoliation they will notice the skin feels smoother, clearer, and it starts to look brighter with some possible light shedding. Long terms benefits include the skins texture feels finer, lines are less obvious, pores are smaller and scarring is less indented. 

How many treatments would you recommend having to maintain results? 

Most patients will require 3-6 treatments depending on the severity of their concerns and areas requiring treatment. As well as the existing condition of the patients’ skin. 

What do you recommend in regards to home care products after the treatment? 

Following a basic but tailored protocol at home will not only reduce the frequency of in clinic treatments like Viva, but will ensure less downtime during treatments, and will help deliver better long-term results. 

How long until I can start applying makeup? 

Allow 24 hours before applying anything at all. 

What should I not use on my skin directly after the treatment? 

Nothing, nada not even water. Skin will feel tight and dry, but you can resume hydrating skin care the day after. 

I know everyone’s skin is different but can you recommend a few skincare products and or ingredients that clients should be including in their routines? 

Vitamin B, C and A are vital to ensure the basic health of your skin. Great at homecare helps to not only prevent issues from arising, but ensures the skin is behaving optimally. Poor products and or the incorrect products can cause not only skin issues to manifest but can also lesson your overall skin health. 

For example, a lot of makeup out there is like a glue in the skin, some brands we see are very difficult to even cleanse properly out of the pores. This in turn causes skin irritation, inflammation and a build up of congestion in the skin. Bottom line, what one uses, wears everyday and is exposed to, has more of an effect on the skin than anything else. 

As I am someone who is no stranger to treatments I really enjoyed going into clinic for this particular treatment, I was told prior that my skin would be red after treatment and it was but not as red as I expected.

The redness completely calmed down the next day and my skin started to peel on around the ninth day after the treatment, which was expected. I used a gentle exfoliator to slowly slough away the peeling and I noticed my skin was more even toned and I could definitely feel it was a lot firmer and more lifted.

For more information on Claire Francoise and the above mentioned treatment Click Here.

Simon x

*The above mentioned treatment was offered to me for content inclusion, the image in this post was also provided by Claire Francoise.

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