Product Review: Solid State Cologne In Wayfarer.

I know I talk about it a lot but I do travel often throughout the year, after years of doing so the traveling process has had a definite influence on my grooming routine. Now when I look for and purchase beauty products I'm always thinking about how it will go when I travel and am forever looking for ways to simplify my routine.

One of the things I think about the most when I travel is glass bottles, I always try my hardest to not have glass bottles with me when I travel for obvious reasons.

As an avid fragrance wearer one of the hardest things when it comes to traveling is carrying around glass fragrance bottles around with me. The team at Solid State have come up with a solution by offering a range of solid colognes, this means that you never have to worry about carrying around glass bottles with you. Another thing I love about the colognes is that they are packaged in the tiniest of tins which means they don't take up a lot of space and can fit into the tiniest of wash bags.

I have tried colognes from the brand before but the latest one I have been trailing is the Wayfarer scent which contains notes of Tobacco Leaf, Creamy Tonka Bean, and Rich Cacao, it also contains notes of Vanilla with Woods and Spices.

As I have said earlier the cologne is great to take away with you and makes it super easy to top up throughout the day, it's something that I take with me every time I travel.

For more information on Solid State  Click Here.

Simon x

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