Being a guy who has worked in the beauty industry for over ten years now I understand the importance of using the best skincare for you, I also understand how women and men to some extent have different skin types and concerns. Lqd Skincare is a line of skincare that is made by men for men.

The range contains a whole host of products that are suited for a mans skin type, the brand has a perfectly curated line of products that a man needs on a daily basis.

I was luckily enough to ask the founders a few questions about the brand, here is the interview.

1. What inspired you to get involved in men's skin care? 

I’d thought about it for a long time, because I was frustrated that most men’s skin care was just women’s products repackaged, rebranded, re-fragranced and marketed to men. They hadn’t actually been formulated for men's skin. I’d searched everywhere for products that lived up to their claims and didn’t find what I needed, so I decided to create my own range. Fortunately I’d studied Science (Chemistry) at Melbourne University, so I had a strong grounding in biochemistry. 

I did all the research myself, and shared my idea for the brand with one of Australia’s best-known developmental chemists, who was excited by it too. We worked together over a period of two years to perfect the first five products in our range. We wanted to take the time to perfect the best products in the marketplace - the kind of products that people would use, really notice the difference, and tell their friends about. 

2. Can you tell my readers about the Lqd Skin Care brand? 

Lqd Skin Care is developed, owned and produced in Australia. It’s been created exclusively by men for men, and our philosophy is based around helping men look their best. We’re all about breaking down skin care myths and informing consumers about what skin care can and can’t do. And you really can’t have great skin without having a holistic approach to health, so as well as our products, Lqd is about educating and informing guys about training and diet. We do this through our social media channels, Facebook, Instagram and Youtube. 

3. What makes Lqd different from other men's skin care products? 

I found that most skin care had been all about marketing, and I wanted to make it about the products. Our products are essentially cosmeceuticals - which means the ingredients in them actively affect the skin cells. Peptides, for example, go beneath the skin’s surface and cause chemical reactions to occur - turning on and off natural reactions in the body. Glycolic Acid is another example: it has the ability to go into the skin, penetrate cells and cause skin to produce more Collagen. Our products are results-driven, with every product in the range benefiting from the inclusion of Aloe Vera as well as maximum levels of Antioxidants and other scientifically proven ingredients, ensuring the highest possible efficacy. That’s why people see a noticeable difference when they use Lqd, usually within a few days. 

Another important thing about our products is that they are all anti-irritant. We’ve left out commonly used ingredients that are known skin irritants, like essential oils, parabens, paraffin and fragrances, so even guys with the most sensitive skin can use Lqd products with confidence.

4. What is the one essential product every man should have in his grooming routine? 

The one product that every man should be using is our Lqd Face Wash, Keeping your skin clean and free from bacteria can make a huge difference. It’s important to wash your skin every morning and night and immediately after exercise. Using soap on your face will dry and irritate your skin, so choosing a cleanser that doesn’t contain any sulphates or irritants will help you look your best. 

5. Where do you get inspiration for your products from? 

I train every day and have done so for more than 30 years. When you train hard you shower often, so you need products to remove the sweat and grime that aren’t too harsh. This was a huge inspiration for the Lqd range. I wanted to create a skin care line with the ability to replenish the balance of oils in your skin, keeping skin hydrated and slowing down the ageing process. 

6. What part of your personal skin care routine do you find most men neglect? 

A lot of men don’t use a scrub. A scrub serves two purposes: to eliminate excess oils, and to remove the dead skin cells that populate the outer layer of your skin, making it appear dull and lifeless. Unlike most exfoliators, our Lqd FACE scrub incorporates both mechanical and chemical exfoliating ingredients, which work in tandem to both cleanse and stimulate collagen production in your skin, leaving you looking and feeling younger than ever. Our scrub contains 12% Glycolic Acid, which is the highest level you will find in any product in Australia without going to a dermatologist. At this concentration, it performs a mild chemical peel, and with cumulative use, it can increase collagen production, improve skin tone and skin colour, and reduce small scarring. 

7. What’s next for Lqd Skin Care? 

There’s lots happening for us at the moment! We’ve just returned from a trip to the US where we were working on our launch into Bloomingdale's. We’ve also excitingly just launched in David Jones in Australia. And we’ve got some exciting new face, body and hair products coming soon, so stay  tuned! 

For more information on Lqd Skincare Click Here.

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