A couple months ago I got the opportunity to experience the Enzyme Therapy Treatment from DMK, Rozita was my therapist who did the treatment on me and was really knowledgable on all things to do with skin. I love that she really took the time out to talk about my skin, she also talked me through every step of the treatment I received on the day and gave me the appropriate home care products from DMK that suited my skin type and concerns.

I got the opportunity to interview my therapist Rozita on my treatment, here is my Q&A below:

First of all, can you give my readers a quick run through on the treatment you gave me? 

We all have it in us to have skin that is functioning well and looks healthy, but sometimes things such as environmental elements, ageing, or hormonal fluctuations can compromise the skin’s immunity, slow circulation and lymphatics systems, potentially causing it to weaken, age prematurely, or become inflamed. 

DMK is more than a skincare range, it’s a philosophy of “remove, rebuild, protect, maintain and DMK Enzyme Therapy is at the core of this philosophy. It’s a tool that allows your therapist to uniquely address your skin concerns through utilising messenger enzymes to mimic the body’s own chemistry. Whilst hydrolysing dead cell material from the skin and remove impurities through a ‘reverse osmosis’ process – a detoxifying ‘back flushing’ of the skin that increases circulation; bringing oxygenated blood and nutrients to the skin, at the same time as improving lymphatic drainage and enhancing collagen production. Leaving you with enviable fresh, healthy, oxygenated skin that is functioning optimally and literally glowing from the inside out! 

Can you explain the process of the treatment? 

Cleanse, Dermatox, suitable pre exfoliation for particular skin condition, followed by an enzyme masque application, and finished with a transdermal infusion. 

The DMK Enzyme Masques work to: 

Hydrolyse dead skin cells 

Increase circulation, oxygenation & cellular activity 

Improve lymphatic drainage 

Encourage new collagen & elastin formation 

Revises skin inflammation 

Is there anything I should change in my beauty routine leading up to my treatment? 

Everyone has different skin, and so this question would depend on what treatment you are having and the condition of your skin. As a general rule of thumb, DMK Enzyme Therapy synergistically works with the skin and so you do not need to change anything in the lead up to your treatment – unless otherwise directed by your paramedical therapist.

As a male, do you recommend shaving before the treatment? 

I personally prefer that men with facial hair do shave, as it will give a clearer picture of your skin when being diagnosed. 

What should my skin feel like after the treatment? 

The skin will, tight, firm, and bouncy, with a healthy glow. 

Who is the treatment suited for? 

All skin conditions, and for anyone who wants to a have healthy skin long term because this treatment forms an integral part of the DMK system of Remove, Rebuild, Protect, and Maintain. 

As opposed to addressing just the symptoms of the condition, DMK Enzyme Therapy works on improving the way the skin functions as well as addressing surface symptoms and signs. From ageing and acne, right through to pigmentation and scarring these treatments concentrate on the core of the condition and through this philosophy repeatedly achieve long-term skin resolutions. 

DMK programs specialise in revising: 

Acne & congestion 

Pigmentation & uneven skin tone 

Wrinkles & fine-lines 

Environmental ageing & sun damage 

Scarring, stretchmarks, & cellulite 

What kind of results should I expect to see from this treatment? 

Depending on your concern, and skin condition your therapist will do a treatment plan. 

How long in advance should I have this treatment before an event? 

If you have never experienced DMK Enzyme Therapy before, I would recommend one week before. The Enzyme Therapy will oxygenate the skin whilst exfoliating away dead cell material – leaving you with a healthy glow come the day of the event! 

What do you recommend for homecare? 

Not two skins are the same, so when it comes to homecare, the best way to find out what you need is by popping into your closest DMK Clinic and obtaining a Home Prescriptive tailored to your skin’s needs.

The treatment went for just under an hour or so which I really enjoyed as it forced me to relax and take some time to myself, that day my skin had a definite glow to it and as the days went on my skin felt a lot more smoother and even toned.

Two of my biggest concerns have to be texture and uneven skin tone and I really felt like this treatment helped with those concerns, as I said earlier Rozita gave me the appropriate home care products and I felt like they really helped to maintain the results at home. 

For more information on DMK Click Here.

Simon x

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