As a part of my job I'm always researching and receiving new products to try and even after a twelve year long love affair with beauty products I still get really excited when a new product hits the market. Case in point for this product which is the Beauty Sleep Power Peel with Retinol from Alpha-H, this product did the rounds on social media and definitely had my heart skipping another beat when I first heard about it.

Alpha-H is a brand that I have just gotten into recently and I'm so glad that I have, the products are really effective and just do what they say on the packaging, it's always good to have those brands in your collection that you know just work.

For me personally I love anything that has the word retinol or peel in it so I was really excited to be trialing this product, first of all it contains 14% Glycolic Acid which is a chemical exfoliant that works to dissolve dead skin cells and really helps to re texturize and even skin tone, another main ingredient is one of my personal favourites which is Retinol (0.5%) which helps with skin regeneration and the production of new cells which makes the skin firmer, more even toned and all in all more resilient.

For me personally Retinol has had a significant difference in the way my skin looks and feels, it's really helped with smoothing out any texture on my skin and has made it look a lot more even toned. Retinol works as a natural exfoliator on the skin, our skin renews every 28 days but unfortunately as we get older this process slows down, exfoliating our skin helps to speed up the process and will also allow the products that we use there after absorb to there best ability.

The product also contains Chronodyn which works to tone, firm and energise the complexion and Axolight which is a natural alternative to Kojic Acid that works to brighten the complexion.

From the first time I used this product by morning I noticed my skin was completely retexturized and had an overall glow to it.

This product is recommended to only be used at night, I personally use mine a few times week in place of my moisturiser and always make sure to be wearing an SPF of at least 30 everyday to make sure your skin is completely protected.

This post was a collaboration with Activeskin to have a look at the brands that they stock as well as Alpha-H Click Here.

Simon x

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