If your anyone like me who travels all the time you will know the importance of editing down your beauty bag when you travel, as you all know I'm obsessed with everything beauty related but when I travel I try to keep it down to a minimum.

That's where the Brightening Kit from Aspect comes into play, the kit contains four essential products that are all you need for a weekend getaway or long term stay. Aspect is a brand that I already love and use on a regular basis, the products are really effective and my skin gets a long with the products really well. I love knowing that there is a kit like this that contains four products that I can easily pack away with me and I have the security of knowing I have all the products I need.

The kit contains:

Purastat 5:
This is an exfoliating cleanser that contains a whole host of Botanicals and Natural Fruit Acids that help speed up the skins natural renewal process, I love how gentle this cleanser is on my skin and it never leaves it feeling tight or uncomfortable.
*Not suitable for sensitive skin types.

Pigment Punch:
Pigment Punch is a serum I have been using on rotation for a while now, I love it so much I'm on my third bottle! I like using it in the mornings as a base to other serums, it works as a pigment inhibitor and contains ingredients that help to Brighten, Calm and Hydrate the skin. When I'm travelling and I want to downsize my beauty bag I will tend to just take this with me as it's such a multi tasking product.

Exfol L:
This is a serum that is best used at night and work to exfoliate the skin and helps with the skins natural renewal process, when you exfoliate your skin a few times a week with a product like this it really helps with the texture and tone of the skin, it also allows the products you use there after absorb better and work more efficiently.

Phytostat 9:
Phytostat 9 is a moisturiser that sits beautifully over your serums and oils, it contains ingredients that help to Hydrate and Nourish the skin. I really love applying this moisturiser day and or at night as it absorbs really well into the skin and leaves it feeling comfortable and hydrated.

For more information on Aspect Click Here.

Simon x

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