This is my second visit to one of my favourite facial clinics in Melbourne, for those who didn't see  the blog post I wrote on my first experience at the clinic can be viewed Here, today ill be talking about my second treatment and also how my skin was weeks after my first session.

For my first session Claire performed Hydrabrasion on my skin which really helped to draw out any dirt and remove any congestion on my skin, This time around she did it again to give my skin a deep clean. I really saw great results from doing this treatment, the texture and clarity of my skin has really improved.

After this Claire used one of my personal favourite treatments which is the LED Omnilux Revive Light which helps to repair and calm the skin, it also helps to even skin tone, treat rosacea and fine lines, hydrates, helps with cell turnover and contains anti inflammatory benefits.

I noticed a big difference in the overall tone and glow of my skin when undergoing this treatment, I try my best to have them as often as I can as it has really helped my skin remain healthy and fresh.

Claire really takes the time out to look at my skin and discuss whats best for it, I really trust her guidance and highly recommend her clinic.

For more information on the Clinic Click Here.

*Images provided by Claire Francoise Skin and Beauty Clinic.

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