Toners have come along way in the beauty world, they used to be something that you use after your cleanser to remove any excess that had been left behind and also helped to bring your skin back to it's regular PH levels, it still does those things but now as technology and research have evolved toners are now chock full of nourishing skincare ingredients that can really benefit your complexion.

The latest toner to hit my collection is the Pore Refining Toner from Medik8 which contains ingredients like Witch Hazel which has astringent properties, Aloe Vera works as an anti inflammatory that soothes and calms the skin, Allantoin softens and improves skin condition, Niacinamide is an anti inflammatory and an antioxidant that improves the skin barrier and also helps to smooth fine lines and finally Beta Glucan helps to add hydration, smooths and will help the overall condition of your skin.

All that in one product that you just swipe over your skin after cleansing, sign me up!

The thing I didn't traditionally like about some toners is that they are full of alcohol, this toner is alcohol free and is suitable for all skin types, from using it myself I would say that it is more suited to those with an oily / combination type skin. The toner contains antibacterial properties which works to eliminate excess oil, dead skin cells and dirt, it will also help with breakouts, bonus! 

Like I said earlier this toner goes on after your cleanser either with your hands or with a cotton pad and can be used morning and or at night.

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