I need to be honest with you dear reader, Im a bit addicted to cleansing foams, I just love how quick they are to use you simply massage onto damp skin and rinse off and they always rinse really clean without leaving any residue. I know that some people can be a bit hesitant when it comes to cleansing foams as some of them can be quite drying but I believe that they have come along way and for my skin personally can be quite hydrating.

The latest one to hit my collection is the Avene Cleansing Foam which is suited for a more combination oily skin type but like I mentioned above is actually quite hydrating on the skin, it does help to give the skin a matte finish but for me it doesn't dry my skin out at all. Like all products in the Avene range it contains their famous Thermal Spring Water which works to sooth and calm the skin, it also contains Glutamic Acid which helps to rebalance sebum production.

There is something special about the Avene products, I have had great results from the products, they also help to calm and soothe any type of skin sensitivity I have and are always a welcome addition to my routine.

For more information on Avene Click Here.

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