In a traditional skincare routine your moisturiser is the final step in your routine, it's kind of like putting on your jacket before you leave the house, it forms a blanket effect over the skin and helps to seal everything that you put onto your skin prior.

The Resveratrol Moisturising Creme from Aspect Dr contains one the most advanced anti ageing ingredients Resveratrol which is anti oxidant that is found in grape skin, it works to calm the skin and also contains peptides that enhance your complexion, and let me tell you it sure does. It contains a whole host of nourishing ingredients like Chronoline that helps improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles whilst making the skin feel smoother and firmer, Grape Skin Resveratrol works to smooth out fine lines and wrinkles and Mixed Tocopherols works as an antioxidant.

The moisturiser is quite lightweight in consistency but still feels really nourishing on the skin, it can be used morning and or at night, I personally use mine at night but with the consistency of the product I can see how it would work well in the morning too.

It layers beautifully on top of serums and oils, and makes a great base for sunscreen and makeup. Whenever I use this product my skin has a lit from within look which is why it will always be a mainstay in my collection as one of those products that just work.

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