Being the typical Melbournian that I am it's say to safe to say that I am obsessed with coffee, to state the obvious I love drinking it but I also like using it in my body products too. That's where the Coffee Body Scrubs from SweetHeart Body come into play.

The three variations that have landed on my desk are Coconut which is rich in proteins that help to rejuvenate the skin, coconut also contains disinfectant properties that helps to keep the skin healthy, Manuka Honey contains antibacterial and anti inflammatory properties which works to soothe and calm the skin and finally Grapeseed is suited for a sensitive skin type.

Whenever I use a coffee body scrub in the shower it really helps to moisturise and exfoliate my skin, they also help with skin conditions like acne, cellulite, stretch marks, eczema and scarring. I normally hop in the shower, wash my hair and put a hair mask on then turn the water off apply the scrub all over and then turn the water on to rinse off. 

For more information on SweetHeart Body Scrubs Click Here.

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