REVIEW: SISLEŸA L’Intégral Anti-Âge.

Sisley is a luxury brand that holds a special place in my heart (and my beauty cupboard!), all of the products that I have personally tried from the brand are absolutely beautiful, the textures, fragrances and formulations of the products make them a mainstay in my always growing collection. For me the products just work and achieve instant results for my skin and it's always good to have those products in your routine that you know just work.

I get really excited whenever they release a new product and their latest launch is the SISLEŸA L’Intégral Anti-Âge, which is a moisturiser that works to fight the visible signs of aging associated with three dimensions of aging:

Genetic: (programmed aging / DNA)
Environmental: (Sun / Pollution)
And For The First Time: BEHAVIOURAL (lifestyle)

Our skin is exposed to a lot on a day to day basis, things like stress, how busy we are, smoking, sun exposure etc all of these factors have a definite effect on skin aging, the L’Intégral Anti-Âge cream provides the cells with an ideal 'ecosystem' with active ingredients like Lindera Extract which helps to resynchronise the skin's biorhythms, Persian Acacia Extract helps to promote optimal energy production and will help to protect and repair the skin from damage caused by cellular fatigue and Soy and Yeast Protein Complex helps to maintain DNA integrity and limit its deterioration during the cell's life cycle, especially when it is exposed to stress.

Whenever I use this cream it works really well at hydrating my skin and I feel like it's nourishing it from the inside out, whenever I use the product (or any Sisley product for that matter) my skin always has that lit from within look, which is what made me hooked on the products from the beginning.

The product is light enough to be used in the morning but still feels really nourishing to use at night, it also sits beautifully under serums and or oils and sunscreen in the morning.

The cream contains naturally fragranced essentials oils of Lavender and Marjoram which makes using the cream a complete sensory experience.

In Australia Sisley products are available at selected David Jones store nation wide.

To visit the Sisley website Click Here.


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