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Kiehl's Daily Reviving Concentrate.
You know how most people have resolutions for the new year? Well one of my resolutions was to add oils into my skincare routine, and it's probably one of the most successful resolutions I have made. The thing about oils is that even if you have an oilier skin type (like me!) adding an oil into your routine will actually help balance out your oil production. Oils work really well for dry and dehydrated skin also as they help to deeply nourish the complexion.

The latest one that I have been trailing is the Daily Reviving Concentrate from Kiehl's, as you can probably tell by the title it's aimed to be used daily in the morning (But I also like using mine at night and it works really well) and if your anyone like me and you don't like to put heavy creams or lotions on in the morning this is perfect for you as it's a lot thinner in consistency than other oils and seems to sink in instantly, leaving the skin with a nice glow.

Tip: If your like me and wear makeup on a daily basis you can add a drop of this oil into your foundation to help give it a glow.

The oil in question contains a blend of 100% natural origin ingredients like Ginger Root Essential Oils, Tamanu and Sunflower Seed Botanical Oils. The oil works to give your skin it's own daytime defences system which helps to reduce signs of fatigue it also helps to reduce daily environmental induced oxidation.

With continued use my skin has become brighter, hydrated and more balanced. I like using mine under a sunscreen in the morning and like I said earlier I'm perfectly happy to use it at night under my moisturiser too.

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