The team at Philosophy have made it easy to have a peel at home with their two step kit: Step 1 is a leave on peel solution that you apply to the provided pads and swipe over your face after cleansing, it contains Glycolic Acid which helps to accelerate the skins cells renewal process, removing dead skin cells to reveal new ones, Lactic Acid helps to speed up the skins cell renewal process with little irritation and Salicylic Acid gently accelerates the skins cell renewal process for a clearer complexion.

Step 2 is a youth extending night gel which contains a cucumber scented memory gel that goes ontop of the peel solution, it contains natural Echinacea which is an antioxidant that contains soothing properties that improves the skin sirtuin production, Bisabolol helps to counteract irritation, Oat Kernel Extract helps to reduce any irritation caused from AHA's and Bio Mimetic Peptides contribute to skin regeneration.

I saw an immediate result the next morning after using this product, my skin was more even toned and there was a clarity to it. Your skin naturally renews itself every 28 days and when you exfoliate with a product like this a few times a week it helps to speed up that process, removing dead skin cells and making way for smoother, more even toned skin. Also when you exfoliate regularly it allows for the products that you use to absorb better and work more efficiently.

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