Aduro Facial Mask.

The facial mask from Aduro uses patented technology in the form of a mask that covers the entire facial area with a rejuvenating light which helps to tackle a wide array of skin concerns.

The mask has a multitude of benefits, it helps to increase the production of collagen and elastin fibres, helps speed up the recovery process from acne and prevents breakouts, firms and smoothes the skin, evens skin tone and helps to increase moisture retention

The mask has a different range of colours to tackle different skin concerns:

Red Anti Aging: 
Helps to target the signs of ageing, the light penetrates the skin to boost cellular activity and promote fibroblast activity, it also helps to increase collagen production.

Blue Anti Acne:
Helps to combat acne prone skin but fighting the acne causing bacteria and also helps quicken its recovery.

Green Even Skin Tone:
Helps to even out skin tone.

Yellow Reduce Redness:
Helps to reduce redness in the skin.

Orange Revitalization:
Helps to revitalise the skin and make it glow.

Cyan Smoothing:
Helps to reduce the signs of swollen capillaries. 

Purple Cell Rejuvenation:
Helps to reduce inflammation, rosacea and sunburn.

Aduro 7+1:
Combines all the benefits of 7 LED colours with infra red skin boosting technology, it will help to target a wide array of skin imperfections. 

Aduro helps to treat aging skin, acne prone skin, balances the skin and helps to increase hydration.

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