Cleanse By Lauren Napier.

The brains behind the brand, celebrity makeup artist Lauren Napier had the idea for individually wrapped cleansing wipes when she was stuck in a window seat on an aeroplane and she wanted to refresh her skin but found that the cleansing wipes she had with her had dried out.

She then came up with the idea to create cleansing wipes that are individually wrapped which means you wont run the risk of them drying out, the wipes contain Water, Aloe which has a high water content and helps to prevent dehydration,  Camomilla is rich in Vitamin B which helps to reduce redness and stop the growth of bacteria on your skins surface and Cucumber contains Vitamin C which will help tone and tighten,  reduce inflammation, refine pores and balances the oils in your skin.

The wipes are perfect for someone like me who travels often as you can just chuck however many wipes you need in your bag, they also work really well at refreshing your skin on flights without water and can be used to touch up or take off your makeup pre or during flight.

With the wipes being so conveniently packaged they fit into any sized bag and can be used during the day to cleanse, and re hydrate your complexion.

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