Kelapa Organics was born to provide consumers with a high quality natural skin and body care line for the growing amount of people that want to avoid as many chemicals in skincare products that they possibly can. The products contains organic coconut oil which has a multitude of skincare benefits. The line is especially good for those who suffer from eczema and dermatitis as the products contains emollients to hydrate the skin and the coconut oil works as an anti bacterial ingredient.

1. Gentle Facial Exfoliant:
Containing organic coconut oil, organic aloe vera juice, organic rose water and jojoba beads to exfoliate the skin and assist in the skins natural renewal process, exfoliating your skin regularly will help to skin the pores clear and helps other products that you use absorb better.
Australian Certified Organic 71% / Not Tested On Animals / Australian Made and Owned / Vegan Friendly.

2. Coconut and Vanilla Body Wash:
An organic body wash that foams up nicely for a deep clean, contains coconut oil to add moisture and has fragrances of organic vanilla and sandalwood essential oils.
Australian Certified Organic 81% / Not Tested On Animals / Australian Made and Owned / Vegan Friendly.

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