Remington Power Series WETech Shaver:
Pivoting and Flexing heads makes this shaver the perfect tool to create a perfect shave, it can be used wet or dry and works well with either gels or foams. I personally like using mine wet as I feel like it gives a gentler shave and leaves less irritation.
To find out more about Remington Click Here.

VS Sassoon I-Control 3 Day Effect Face Trimmer:
If your like me and don't particularly like that complete clean shaven look then this shaver is for you, it pretty much shaves off the top layer of your beard giving it that three day effect. Can be used wet or dry and is safe to use in the shower.
To find out more about VS Sassoon Click Here.

Dollar Shave Club:
The dollar shave club is a membership program where you pay 4, 7 or 10 dollars a month depending on the quality of the razor and you receive blades monthly. The find the razors really high quality and make way for a close shave. I use the executive shaver which has a moisturising strip with aloe, vitamin e and lavender.
To find out more about Dollar Shave Club Click Here.

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