Estee Lauder New Dimension Liquid Tape.

There comes a time every so often when a product comes out that that's new and aims to change the way we think about beauty, Estee Lauder recently launched a line called New Dimension which is a mixture of skincare and makeup products that help to contour the face and make it look the best it can at every angle.

One of their standout products in the lineup is their New Dimension Liquid Tape, When you first open the tube you need to turn the nozzle to on and apply a pea sized amount from the brow bone to the temples, then glide the liquid from your cheekbones towards the temples. You can also apply it from the ends of your mouth to the cheekbones or wherever the skin needs firmness and tone.

The product aims to create a film over the skin that firms and tones the face, I have been trailing it for awhile and I will honestly say that you definitely feel an instant lifting result.

To get the best results the company recommends applying the product after cleansing and before your skincare products, just carefully pat the products in making sure to not break the film.

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