For over 35 years the Manicare brand have been offering a range of high quality nail treatments, hand and nail implements and beauty care accessories. The brand now has a presence in New Zealand and parts of Asia. The aim for Manicure is to make sure that their customers beauty needs are covered from head to toe (literally!)

1. Body Loofah Pad:

An exfoliating mitt that when dampened with warm water or your favourite shower gel can be used to exfoliate the skin, using a circular motion will help to improve circulation.

2. Exfoliating Gloves:

Used damp in the shower to exfoliate your body, perfect to use before applying fake tan.

3. Luxury Cleansing Sponge:

I love using a sponge or loofah in the shower, I like to wet the sponge and apply my shower gel and scrub my body. I find it a really easy way to cleanse and exfoliate my body in the shower.

4. Body Sponge:

Used wet in the shower will help to massage and exfoliate the skin.

5. Facial Cleansing Buff:

When you apply your cleanser and dampen this sponge it can be used to exfoliate your skin, assisting with the natural renewal process.

6. Cosmetic Sea Sponge:

This sponge can be used to apply foundation (not oil based) or can be used to remove makeup by adding cleanser to the sponge and using circular motions around the face.

7. Pedicure File:

Soak your feet for 4-5 minutes then use this file to scrub any dead skin and roughness off your feet. Can be used dry for tougher areas.

8. Pumice Stone:

To be used anywhere on the body where there is rough skin, it's recommended that you soak the desired area first, can also be used dry on really rough patches.

9. Cellulose Sponge:

When dampened can be used too cleanse the skin, can be also be used to remove makeup.

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*Quick disclaimer: Make sure that you wash these products regularly to ensure they are clean and can work to their best ability. 


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