We all know how much I love a good Vitamin C serum, although I am quite fussy when it comes to serums, first of all it has to spread evenly over the skin and either have some sort of immediate result or results the next morning, this illuminating serum from NeoStrata fit the bill perfectly.

First of all it's lightweight like all serums should be which means it will absorb quicker into the skin delivering nutrients deep down where it matters. For me personally I noticed a difference the next morning, my skin was a lot brighter and even toned. When using a brightening serum it's important that you use a sunscreen every morning to help protect the skin and also prevent it from future damage.

Overtime in conjunction with sunscreen the serum will help with pigmentation, uneven skin tone, dull skin and fine lines. The product contains ingredients like NeoGlucosmine which helps to exfoliate the skin, potent peptides to reduce the appearance of pigmentation and most importantly Vitamin C & 7 alpine plant extracts to brighten the complexion.

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