It's no secret that I love Real Techniques brushes, they are the highest of quality and never shed and just get the job done. One of the things I love about the brushes is that you can use each brush for a multitude of different things, for example I use the contour brush for setting under eye concealer and the dome shadow brush for pin point concealing blemishes.

To say I was excited about their latest Bold Metals collection would be an understatement, and when I was invited to the launch I couldn't even contain my excitement. The launch was held at a penthouse bar in Magical Melbourne where beauty media were invited to preview the line before it hits the stores.

One of my favourite Youtube personalities Rachael Brook was the ambassador and she used the brushes on her cousin Alice, we were also taken through what each individual brush does. First of all can we talk about the colours? The come in three different shades:

Gold / Base.
Silver / Eyes.
Rose Gold / Finish.

They are also diamond shaped which means they won't roll around or fall of your table.

Let's go through the collection...


100 Arched Powder:

This is the brush that I was most excited about, it's fluffy but thin when you look at it side on, it's really good at picking up powder and packing it on. You can also fan it out to blend.

101 Triangle Foundation:

As the name suggests this brush has a triangular tip and has quite loose bristles which means it's really good at buffing foundation in, it's perfectly shaped to use around the eyes and nose as the tip can get into those hard to reach places and give you abit more precision.


200 Oval Shadow:

This is the perfect eye brush to use to blend shadows, I personally use it to apply under eye concealer.

201 Painted Crease:

The perfect brush to use for a smokey eye, I actually like using mine for applying concealer to blemishes.

202 Angled Liner:

The perfect brush for applying liquid eye liner to create a wing, I like using mine with brow powder or to fix any mistakes I have made with a brown pencil.

Rose Gold:

300 Tapered brush:

Can be used to highlight and contour the face, I like it for setting the under eye area and around the nose for a more detailed powder.

301 Flat Contour:

Can be used for liquid or powder contour, perfectly shaped to get into the hollows of your cheeks and give you a defined cheek.

All in all I'm very impressed with the line, they are really high quality and the most softest brushes that I have ever personally felt.

For more information on Real Techniques Click Here.


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