BM Cosmetics.

I have been wearing makeup ever since I bought my first cosmopolitan magazine at 14 and there was a foundation sample in it, I put it on because back then I had trouble with breakouts and thought that it would cover it up and it did, and then my love affair began.

I have never been to concerned about wether the product is made for men or women but as a guy I do understand that our skin is different to that of a womans skin, it is a lot thicker and in most cases oilier, we also have a lot of irritation from shaving.

BM Cosmetics is a mens line of makeup products that is perfectly suited to a mans skin, as much as I love skincare it can only do so much, and nowadays makeup is more a continuation of your skincare routine rather than something that is used to mask your face.

The line consists of base products like foundations, bb creams, mineral powders, concealers, mascaras and bronzers.

The textures are quite thin in consistency so work perfectly well for any skin type but I would say that would work the best for a more oily skin type, I don't mind a more full coverage look but if you wanted a more less noticeable look you could just use the concealer or mineral powder or even just the bronzer to warm up your face, god knows my skin needs it in this Melbourne winter.

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