SK-II Whitening Source Clear Lotion.

SK-II are always the highest of quality and I know from my experience with SK-II in particular I always see great results.

The Whitening Source Clear Lotion slots into the toner section of a standard skincare routine, to be honest I don't normally use a standard toner, that being one that contains alcohol and aims to remove the last scrap of cleanser, but I do like using a lotion that actually adds some sort of skincare benefit to the skin, this is where this product comes in.

It contains a MT blocker and the brands signature ingredient Pitera which helps to remove dead skin and gently exfoliate the skin without the use of grains or beads. Over time the skin will look brighter and spots and or dark patches will diminish.

I don't normally use a cotton pad to apply toners or lotions, I know what your thinking, bad beauty blogger *slap* but I prefer just to put one pump of the product and gently pat it into my skin, I always follow with their essence and then some sort of brightening serum, and as always with any brightening product it's always important to wear sunscreen rain hail or shine to protect your skin from the elements but also future damage.

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