Sisley Botanical D-TOX.

I think that we all need a detox from time to time, personally I'm not into diets or juice cleansing, but if you want to start talking about complexion detoxed then I'm all ears.

Sisley paris believes that as well as your body your skin needs a break as well, that's where Sisley Botanical D-TOX comes into play, we all know that while we sleep our skin naturally renews itself, but sometimes it needs a helping hand, this product is meant to be used constantly at night for a month and contains concentrated plant extracts that contain detoxifying ingredients which act with the skins detoxification chain.

"Botanical D-TOX is the product to recharge skins batteries"

After the first night of using this product I noticed a glow the next morning, which is a big deal for me to say since I'm constantly trying new products.

Sisley Botanical D-TOX  / Available exclusively at selected David Jones stores.

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