Kerstin Florian Brightening Body Scrub.

I believe that it’s really important to exfoliate your skin head to toe a few times a week, it helps your skin glow and aids in circulation through lymphatic drainage. This one from Kerstin Florian I like to keep in the shower and instead of applying it with my hands I like to use a loofah or exfoliating glove and give myself an all over buff.

It contains bamboo and jojoba beads to gently slough away dead skin and also fruit enzymes to dissolve the dead skin, I quite like the earthy smell of it too. When I first used this product I kind of thought to myself it’s a good scrub and ill use it again and later on I was in the car and wasn’t thinking too much about it and realised that my arms had a nice glow to them and the redness was toned down, and the only thing I had used was the scrub.

It is not recommended for sensitive skin types, or for skin that has any sunburn.

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