Q&A With Miss Universe Australia.

I got the chance to attend the Elucent Skincare National Costume competition that was held at doltone house across from Sydney’s Hyde Park.

Beauty bloggers and VIP’s got to view the prestigious fashion parade showcasing the latest designs from Australia’s best designers.

Miss Universe Australia Tegan Martin wore the winning gown by Victorian designer Caitlin Holstock, a stylist from myer who got granted permission from melbourne’s Wurundjeri group to showcase the prints that were once painted by esteemed elder William Barak in the 1800s, the audience applauded as the gown made it’s debut on the catwalk.

The competition was sponsored by Elucent Skincare which is a high end cosmeceutical line containing anti ageing and whitening products which are available to purchase from my chemist and chemist warehouse stores nationwide. 

I got the opportunity to sit down with Tegan and ask her for a few questions about beauty:

TSO: Tegan, how are you feeling? 

TM: Incredible, so proud and so happy they chose an outfit this year that I really loved and im really happy with the outcome.

TSO: What’s your favourite elucent skincare product?

TM: My favourite elucent product would have to be the whitening eye cream, I put it on morning and night especially lately I have been so busy and I haven’t had much sleep, it’s my secret weapon.

TSO: What are you like off duty?

TM: I try not to wear too much makeup, im constantly putting my day moisturiser on and my favourite product is the Elucent Whitening Day Cream with SPF 30 on im huge about sun protection, a little bit of mascara and moisturiser to give me a glow, I have alot of makeup on while im working so it’s good to give my skin abit of a break. 

TSO: Do you have any tips you have learnt from makeup artists along the way?

TM: Absolutley, I am very inquisitive I like to quiz all of my makeup artists, I have been really big on brows lately, I love a good brow, I don’t have a particular product but I definitely like to fill my brows in. I think that individual lashes are really good, I tend to teach girls to use them and that they dont have to do stage makeup or anything, just a few individual lashes to make your lashes pop instead of a strip lash and much easier to apply. 

TSO: Any tips that your mum passed down to you?

TM: My mum doesn’t wear that much makeup, Ive got her onto my face of australia products, she wears some to events but she’s gorgeous she doesn’t need it. 

The skincare obsessive would like to thank the team at elucent skincare and miss universe for giving me this opportunity, and we look foward to seeing what happens with the brand in the following years.

For more information about Elucent Skincare you can go to http://www.elucentskincare.com

For more information about the Miss Universe Competition you can go to http://www.missuniverseaustralia.com.au

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