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Testing out new products is a big part of my job, it's a big perk of the job but sometimes when I am trying a lot of products my skin can become sensitive. I can also sometimes have reactions from products and my skin is also affected by temperature changes.

 Knowing this it's important to have skincare products in my routine that almost act like first aid products, these are products I constantly fall back on and know work for my skin and with whatever I have going on at any given time.
Cosmedix C.P.R Skin Recovery Serum: I always have this product in my kit as I know 100% that it works, I recently had a bad scratch under my eye and in a matter of a few days it completely got rid of it. It has also helped with a burn that I got from cooking on the side of my arm, it's like my little miracle product.

You only need a tiny amount of product and I like to use it directly on the affected area after I have cleansed and toned my skin, I like to leave it on to absorb fully before applying my other products.
For stockist information on Cosmedix call here: 1800 648 851.

*Aspect Dr Redless: Whenever my skin is red and inflamed and needs to be calmed down instantly I reach for this serum, It has an oil like consistency to it and instantly calms my skin down. I especially like using this serum after any sort of clinic treatment I have had and know that I can always fall back to it when I need it.

*Bioderma Cicabio Crème: I recently discovered this product at an event for the brand and I am so glad to have it in my routine, it feels like a primer on the skin and it instantly calms down any redness in my skin and makes a nice base for makeup to go on top of.

*Clarins Repair Booster: I am so in love with these Clarins boosters, they are so easy to use and to travel with. The repair booster is a personal favourite, I mix it into my moisturiser and my skin feels instantly soothed and calmed down. With continued use it really helps to reduce redness and keep my skin calm and balanced. It will forever be a mainstay in my beauty bag.

La Roche Posay Toleriane Ultra Overnight: This is a moisturiser that I always go back to when my skin is acting up, it works really well for my skin and keeps it hydrated and calm. It's super hydrating and absorbs really well into the skin, it's one that I keep repurchasing and know that I will always have in my routine.

Simon x

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