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As part of my role as a beauty blogger it's crucial that I am always looking out for the latest trends in beauty, number one because I am utterly obsessed with beauty and want to know what's new and what's trending in the beauty industry and number two I enjoy sharing new trends and products with you my reader and get a lot of pleasure in knowing you love a product I recommend.

Something that has been on my radar since the start of this year has been cleansing / exfoliating powders, these type of products have been around for quite some time now but I have noticed they have become quite popular in the past months and brands are starting to launch their own versions.

I am personally someone who wears SPF 50 and a decent amount of makeup on a daily basis so it's really important that my skin gets a deep clean morning and night, I find using an exfoliating powder gives my skin a really deep clean but never leaves it feeling stripped or un-balanced.

Keen to try an exfoliating powder? Here are some of my current favourites.

Medik8 White Balance Cleanse Brightening Micro-Exfoliator:

As you all know I am constantly looking for products that help to brighten my skin and this cleanser has made a really nice addition to my routine, It has a creamy lather to it and gives the skin a light exfoliation.

It contains Oxy-R (Oxyresveratrol) which is a known skin brightening agent, it also contains Micro-Fine Bamboo Particles and Volcanic Perlite which help to slough away dead skin cells, refine skin texture and brighten the skin.

The product contains a whole host of active ingredients that with continued use will help to brighten the skin and help to even out skin tone, if you are looking to add brightening products into your routine this is a great place to start.

June Jacobs Radiant Refining Exfoliating Powder:
I like using this product at night after I have removed my makeup as I feel like it really helps to remove any extra makeup and sunscreen that has been left on my skin, It leaves my skin a lot smoother and has helped with any texture irregularities I have. I actually noticed a big difference in my skin after the first use, it looked instantly brighter and even toned.

It works to slough away dead skin cells with Rice, Bamboo, Papain and Salicylic Acid which all work together to leave the skin smoother and brighter. It also contains Lemon Peel, Bearberry Root, Mulberry Root and Licorice Extract which are well known as natural brightening ingredients.

The exfoliating powder also contains a whole host of ingredients that help to control oil and antioxidants that help to neutralize free radicals and protect the skin from environmental stresses.

Dermalogica Daily Superfoliant:
Long readers of my site will know I am a big fan of Dermalogica, there will always be a product (or five) from the range in my beauty cupboard and their latest product definitely doesn't disappoint. I am someone who has an oily combination skin and am always looking for products that help to control my oil without over stripping my skin, the Daily Superfoliant contains Activated Binchotan Charcoal Powder which helps to draw out impurities from the skin and uses microfine particles that help to resurface the skin, my skin gets a really deep clean with this product but never feels stripped.

The product contains a blend of enzymes (Papain, Lipase, and Subtilisin), anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties (Niacinamide) and exfoliating acids (Malic and Lactic) that help to resurface the skin.
The superfoliant contains a powerhouse of ingredients that work to exfoliate the skin, draw out impurities and will help to protect against pollution and environmental stresses

All the above mentioned products I either use in the morning or night after I have cleansed my skin or mixed into my cleanser to give it a boost, whenever I use any sort of brightening or exfoliating product I always make sure to protect my skin by using an SPF of at least 30 on a daily basis. 

Simon x

*The products mentioned in this post have been given to me by the brand /PR, As always the review is 100% my honest opinion on the products. Every single product that I mention on the site has been personally tested by me and these are my genuine thoughts on the product.
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