You know how on Sex and The City Carrie keeps sweaters in her oven? Well dear reader, as we speak my bathtub is full of beauty products. I live in a reasonably small house, which means we have a really small bath that I haven't used since I was about five. The worst part about that is that I can't use all of those beautiful bath salts, BUT in saying that there are a whole host of luxurious shower gels around that makes me get over the fact I haven't got a bath.

Having a luxe shower gel (or five) in my routine is really important to me, there not something that I particularly use on a daily basis but I do use them a couple of times a week as a treat and like them to treat a particular concern, my favourite ones (as you can probably guess from the above picture) are stress relieving shower gels and ones that help you get to sleep.

Here are my current favourites.

There's something about the This Works sleep range that just sends me to sleep, this shower gel I like to only use at night as it really does send me off to a deeb slumber, especially when combined with their Pillow Spray. The shower gel contains notes of Vetivert, Lavender and Camomile.

This luxurious body wash contains Rosemary, Frankincense and Wild Camomile which all work to de stress the body and mind, I like using this before bed as it really helps to relax me but I also find it quite nice to use in the mornings if I'm having a particular stressful week.

This is so lush, the fragrance of this body wash is so fresh and really wakes you up in the morning. I love how its super fresh in summer but also reminds you of summer in winter, its the perfect fragrance for all seasons. The formula itself feels really luxurious on the skin also and cleanses nicely, I also have the matching fragrance which I wear on a regular basis.

4. Chanel Coco Mademoiselle Body Wash:
This fragrance has been my signature fragrance for years, the shower gel feels so luxurious and is a real treat to use. I find it really helps with the layering process with the perfume also.
*In Australia Chanel can be purchased at Myer, David Jones and selected pharmacies.

5. Clarins Relax Bath & Shower Concentrate:
I love using this shower gel when I need abit of extra stress relief, it contains fragrances like Basil, Camomile, Petit Grain, St Johns Wort, Linden and Valerian Extracts. I use mine in the shower but you can also use it in the bath, it has a really refreshing fragrance to it which means it's really good at waking you up in the mornings.

Do you have any favourite shower gels? Let me know as I'm always on the market for a new one.

Simon x

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