First of all, can we just take a moment for the monochrome packaging? Goals.

As a vivid social media user it's hard to miss Context doing the rounds on Instagram, the monochrome black and white packaging has us all hooked. As much as packaging means to a blogger like myself the formula's inside are the main attraction, the brand consists of products suited for both men and women that contain Antioxidants, Rich Botanical Oils and Natural Herbal Extracts.

Here are my top picks from the range:

1. Daily Facial Cleanser:
This cleanser is a bit of a jack of all trades, it doesn't foam and feels quite hydrating on the skin making it the perfect cleanser for any skin type. It contains Antioxidants that offer protection from free radicals and Natural Botanical Oils and Fruit Extracts that help to protect, repair and nourish the skin.

2. Micro-Derm Regenerator:
This product is perfect for those people who want to use an exfoliator but are worried about using anything with harsh grains or beads, the product works to slough away dead skin cells gently whilst providing Antioxidant protection against free radical damage. I love how gentle this product on the skin, and how it leaves it cleanses without feeling stripped, it actually leaves the skin nicely hydrated and ready for the products that follow.

3. Hydrating Toner:
This is probably my favourite product in the lineup, first of all it smells amazing as it contains Natural Tangerine and Orange Peel Extracts which really helps to energise the skin. The toner is really lightweight and hydrating on the skin, I use mine right after cleansing either with a cotton pad or just patted onto my skin with my hands. It also contains one of my personal favourite ingredients Vitamin C.

4. Intensive Daily Moisturizer SPF 15:
I love using this product on a daily basis as it works as your moisturiser and also offers an SPF of 15 making it the perfect thing to wear on that morning coffee run, it also contains ingredients that help to brighten, hydrate and protect the skin. I really love how lightweight but hydrating this product is on the skin.

5. Restorative Night Cream:
I love using this product over really active serums or oils at night, it creates a really lush blanket like effect on the skin sealing all the products in that you put on before it. It contains Collagen and Elastin that helps to soothe, nourish and firm the skin.

Context products are all created in the USA and they do not test on animals.

For more information on the brand Click Here.

Simon x

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