I'm sure you have heard about me talk about my love for Philosophy skincare, I really love having their products in my beauty cupboard, it's always good to have products in your routine that you know just work and do the job.

The latest product to hit my collection is the Ultimate Miracle Worker Night, when you first open the box you get your jar of of moisturiser and a packet of what look like pearls and a spatula, you put the pearls into the cream and let dissolve for a few minutes and then mix with the enclosed spatula.

The thing I love most about the cream is how hydrating it is on the skin, when I wake up in the morning my skin feels plump, more hydrated and has a definite glow to it. The cream contains patented technologies and ingredients which work to improve skin regeneration and epidermal repair while your sleeping, it also helps the skin to rebuild collagen, the cream is a mixture of a serum and a moisturiser which works  to reduce the signs of past and present skin ageing.

As the name suggests the product is best to be used at night, it sits beautifully over serums and oils and I especially like using it over active serums as I feel like it creates a nice blanket effect on the skin, leaving it nourished and hydrated.

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