A few weeks ago I attended the media launch for the release of the RVR90 campaign video by Ultraceuticals, as you all know Ultraceuticals is a brand that I know and love and has a high presence in my beauty cupboard. The team are aways looking for the latest innovations and are constantly working to improve their products and form a close relationship with their customers.

So much so that their latest campaign titled RVR90 is targeted at consumers who have concerns with their skin, the video consists of two courageous women who share their skin issues and also their personal experience using Ultraceuticals products. RVR90 is an abbreviation for "Real Visible Results in 90 days."

As part of the program there are different at home treatment packs that depending on what your skin concerns are work to tackle skin concerns like acne, fine lines, loss of firmness and coarse texture. The idea is that you use the products prescribed to you at home in conjunction with skin treatments to achieve your desired result.

I had a skin consult on the day of the event and I explained that I had combination / oily skin and my main skin concern was the small blemishes I get around my jaw line, the products that were prescribed to me were:

Ultra Balancing Gel Cleanser

Ultra Hydrating Lotion

Ultra UV Protective Daily Moisturiser SPF30

And as my treatment product:

Ultra Clear Treatment Lotion

Here is a quote from Ultraceutical's PR manager Adrian De Brock:

“We wanted to create a campaign that inspired viewers, that was relatable, real, but most importantly, honest. Our two case studies, Karen and Lisa were the ideal fit for our campaign, as their lives were literally transformed after using Ultraceuticals skincare. 

“This short video aims to motivate and create awareness around the 90-day skin program that delivers real visible results to our customers.”

Skin issues effect a lot of people and it's something that's hard to hide as it shows on our faces everyday, it's amazing to me that the brand have created this campaign that shows consumers that they can really transform their skin in just 90 days by using the appropriate at home products in conjunction with personalised skin treatments.

To watch the video and find out more about the campaign and Ultraceuticals Click Here.


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