Face Wash:
You should all know by now my theory on cleansing, it should be gentle but effective at cleansing the skin. This particular cleanser I have really enjoyed using because it doesn't foam, this cleanser doesn't contain any SLS or SDS therefore it won't dry your skin out or strip away any of it's natural oils. The wash contains Aloe Vera to add moisture to the skin, Kaolin Clay to gently cleanse and Vitamin E to neutralise any free radical damage.

Face Scrub:
Your skin naturally renews itself every 28 days, unfortunately as we get older this process slows down so we need to be incorporating an exfoliating product into our routine to help speed this process up. Exfoliating the skin regularly will help to bring forward newer fresher cells allowing the skin to absorb the products you put on afterwards work to their best ability, it also gives the skin a nice glow.

This particular scrub contains 12% Glycolic Acid which works to chemically dissolve dead skin cells and turn on collagen production. The scrub also contains micro-beads that work to instantly slough away dead skin cells. The thing I loved most about this scrub was how gentle the beads were on the skin, but it was still really efficient at exfoliating my skin.

I like to keep a collection of calming products in my routine as I do have sensitive skin and when I shave I get quite red and break out in a rash so it's important I have products to help soothe my skin when needed. This is where the calm product from the range comes into play, it contains an ingredient called SymSitive 1609 which in clinical studies has been praised for its power to reduce redness and skin irritations, it also contains Vitamins and Antioxidants which help to repair and nourish the skin.

I found this product really soothing on my skin, it's the perfect thing to use when your skin is feeling sensitive, after shaving and or after an in salon treatment.

Moisturising your skin is a really important part of your skincare routine, even if you have an oilier skin type using a moisturiser will help to balance your complexion. This one from Lqd SKINCARE has an Almond Oil base which helps to hydrate and nourish the skin, it also contains a host of Antioxidants which help to fight free radical damage, Vitamin C and E, Aloe Vera, Green Tea, Witch Hazel and Chamomile, The combination of all these ingredients help to soothe, hydrate and rejuvenate the complexion.

Perfect for use on a daily basis, especially after shaving.

An essential product in any mans routine, this one from the range is different to your traditional shaving cream as it is a non foaming formulation that is chock full of Antioxidants and Anti Irritants, it contains Aloe Vera which will help to soothe and calm the skin and rinses clean without clogging your razor or your pores.

I found when using this product I had a really smooth shave with little irritation, it's definitely a mainstay in my routine.

Eye Restore:
This is probably my personal favourite in the range, it's a lightweight gel that is perfectly suited for the delicate eye area which contains a host of amazing ingredients like SNAP-8 and Argireline which work as an alternative to botox (Um, yes please!) Matrixyl and SYN-COLL are peptides that stimulate the skins natural collagen mechanism to produce more collagen, These two peptides help to reduce crows feet and fine lines around the under eye area.

If you thought that wasn't enough the product also contains Eyeliss which works to increase lymphatic circulation which in turn will help to reduce puffiness, I suffer really badly from dark circles and this product has helped to lighten them by using Haloxyl which works to lighten dark circles and increases blood flow around the area, Sodium Hyaluronate (Hyaluronic Acid) helps to hydrate and make the skin look plumper and younger.

I absolutely love this eye cream and I'm so glad it's in my life, it really hydrates my under eye area and I have noticed a significant reduction in my dark circles whilst using this product.

I think it's safe to say that we all need a spot treatment in our beauty cabinets at all times, you never know when that pesky spot will pop up! This one from the range contains one of my favourite ingredients for fighting blemishes Salicylic Acid which gets deep into the pore and cleans it out, Niacinamide works as an anti inflammatory agent and will help to control oil production.

Also found in the Calm product that I mentioned earlier, this product contains SymSitive 1609 which helps to reduce redness caused by acne, it also contains Aloe Vera, Bisabolol, Chamomile and Cucumber which all work to soothe, calm, hydrate and nourish the complexion. The product is also good for diminishing sun spots and reducing pores, overtime it will help to remove whiteheads and blackheads too, bonus!

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