A few days ago at Patch Cafe in Richmond I sat down with Ingrid Seaburn, Renu28's ambassador and she discussed with me her passion for health and beauty. She is a big believer that beauty really does start from the inside and that eating healthy and using the right skincare products can make a significant difference to how you look and how you feel.

Ingrid is the poster child for good health, her skin glows with health and is an ode to her healthy lifestyle.

Ingrid told me her tales of getting celebrities ready for the red carpet and how she helped a multitude of celebrities and clients with their skin.

Here is my interview with Ingrid talking all things Renu 28...

What changes have you noticed about your skin since using the product?
My skin is more hydrated, has a great clarity about it and seems to hold up better when I am tired or run down, In other words the level of cellular activity seems to keep on ticking over nicely! 

How does RENU28 fit into your daily routine?
I use it mainly at night after I get out of the shower while my skin is still damp. It can be applied after cleansing day or night but I find my night time routine allows me to use Renu28 as the first layer before my other skincare products before bed!

When getting ready how important is your skincare routine?
That's a great question! I say that because I think it is so important to do a little mini facial before a night out. I always do a hydrating mask and enzyme exfoliant mixed together, it's my secret weapon for glowing skin and when I worked in Hollywood it was one of the prep things I would do for my clients before a fabulous event like the Golden Globes! 

Do you have any tips on using the product? 
Don't forget to use on your body as well as your face. Places like your d├ęcolletage, elbows and neck, you will see some great results.

What does it mean for you to be an ambassador for the brand?
It is a perfect fit for me as woman in her forties who thinks she is in her twenties and wants to remain that way! My whole philosophy is based on healthy living and healthy product that stands for a way of life. For me as ambassador for Renu28 which is just such a lovely natural product with specific technology of redox signalling molecule replenishment and I love that concept! 

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