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As a blogger I'm constantly sent media releases and every so often I read something and get really excited about it, I know you all know me as a skincare obsessive but makeup holds a special place in my heart too, especially when makeup contains skincare benefits they almost become a continuation of your skincare routine.

My latest discovery is the brand Lycogel which is a collection of base products that offer breathable colour corrective treatments that combine cosmetic and skincare technologies, the products in the range help to promote the healing of damaged or post procedural skin, the products give you instant results and further results with continuous use.

The products contains a breathable base filled with vitamins and active ingredients that help deliver oxygen, moisture and nutrients to the skin.

Breathable Camouflage:
A foundation that offers a matte finish that can be built up to your desired coverage, helps to cover skin concerns such as eczema, blemishes and rosacea. Contains an SPF of 30 which is perfect to be used after any sort of treatment you may of had to cover any redness and also protect your skin from the sun.

My Experience: The thing I love most about this product is that it offers a decent amount of coverage while still remaining light and allows the skin to breathe, and like all the products in the range it's nice to know your getting that coverage but also the SPF protection.

Breathable Tint:
A lightweight tint with a luminous finish, helps to even out skin tone with an SPF of 30.

My Experience: I tried this product out for the first time a few days ago, It has a lightweight feel to it but still offers decent coverage, It has a yellow undertone which helps to conceal redness and blends into the skin seamlessly. I actually wore this on a 41 degree day in Melbourne and it held up all throughout the day without being touched up, I also felt like the SPF was a nice addition.

Breathable Concealer:
This is a full coverage concealer that covers blemishes, age spots, redness, birthmarks and scars. It can be used around the eyes to cover dark circles and the thing I love the most is that it contains an SPF of 30 which will help to protect the delicate skin around the eye area from the sun. I even like to mix mine in with my eye cream to sheer it out to my desired coverage preference.

My Experience: I wear a sunscreen everyday but adding this particular product into my routine has been great because I know that my eye area is also getting that extra hit of sun protection as the eye area is a lot more delicate it needs that protection, the product also offers really good coverage and for me works just as well under the eyes as it does on blemishes or redness.

For more information on Lycogel Click Here.

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