Hair Is Fabric Intensive Detox.

If your anyone like me who uses a whole lot of product in your hair throughout the week you will know the importance of a good detoxing product, the Intensive Detox from Hair Is Fabric is a detoxing cleansing conditioner that helps to cleanse the scalp with a cooling effect.

It contains Desert Date Bio Complex that has a high iron content that helps to prevent hair loss and gets rid of dirt and any residue left on the scalp. It also contains Exotic Oils, Hyaluronic Acid and Precious Rock Extracts that help to keep hair healthy and in tip top condition.

It's good to use a detox product like this a couple times a week as it will help to keep the hair healthy, manageable and gets rid of any dirt and product that has built up during the week.

The product is best used left in the hair for three minutes then rinsed out.

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