1. Nail Strengthener:
Helps to harden and protect nails, eliminates peeling, flaking and chipping. For the best results apply 2 coats onto clean nails then 1 coat daily for the next 5 days, On the 7th day remove with nail polish remover and repeat 3 times. Best to allow nails to rest for 1-2 weeks in between. This would be the perfect addition to any routine.

2. Whitening Glow:
Helps to instantly smooth and perfect the nails, brightens the nail, white sapphire helps to blur imperfections, B-White is a whitening peptide that helps to whiten and brighten the nail. Best applied 1 coat or 2 coats for a brighter look. Re apply every two days to maintain results.

3. Nourishing Oil:
Contains a blend of nourishing oils to deeply moisturise your nails, protects against UV damage, helps to secure moisture and repair the nail, contains Sweet Almond, Apricot and Tea Tree oils to hydrate and nourish. Apply as needed.

These products are a great addition to any beauty routine,  I know for someone like me who is always on the computer I need to take extra care of my hands and nails so these are a welcome addition.

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