My Experience: Men's Biz.

Men's Biz is a boutique located in Melbourne's Royal Arcade that offers it's customers world renowned grooming products from all around the world. They also offer services such as: Haircut, Hot Towel Shave, Haircut & Shave Combo, Beard Trim without Shaved Neckline, Beard Trim with Shaved Neckline, Haircut & Beard Trim Combo, Hair Clipper Cut, Hot Towel Head Shave and Moustache Trims.

I had a hot towel shave, it was first time getting one done and I have to say I was pretty impressed, the barber really took a lot of attention to detail during the process and I was comfortable throughout it.

I would highly recommend this boutique to anyone who has a keen eye for grooming like I do.

For more information on Men's Biz Click Here.


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