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After ten years working as a beauty journalist zoe foster blake has launched her own skincare line which gets rid of any confusion and fuss with skincare products making it easier for people to use. The range consists of a foaming cleanser, exfoliating pads, face cream (suitable for day and night ) body oil and a lip balm. I know in my experience people can be quite confused when it comes to skincare so I think what zoe has done is created an edited skincare routine, everyone needs a good cleanser and moisturizer and the exfoliating pads make it easy to exfoliate without using harsh scrubs a few times a week. I think that zoe has done a great job with marketing and how she has presented her products by incorperating humour. The packaging: is a beautiful peachy coral colour which to be honest just makes you feel good about the product. Scent: I only have purchased the cleanser and mosturizer (so far!) and the scent is a lovely mostly fig floral scent which is quite uplifting but is not at all overpowering and doesnt last too long on the skin. The cleanser: Im not gonna lie I had a few wines last night and maybe a cocktail or two, I did cleanse my face before bed (very poorly but i managed to do it) so I used to foaming cleanser for the first time with my clarisonic and the smell was a great wakeup call and it left my skin really clean, it had willow bark which is like a gentle version of sacilyic acid so its good at keeping those pores clean, and it was the first foaming cleanser I used which didnt leave my skin dry or tight feeling. The face cream: I love the tube it comes in, it kind of reminds me of cult french pharmacy brands which i love, the texture is like nothing ive felt before almost like a souffle, has a light fragrance and absorbs really quickly I love that it hasnt got spf aswell so you can use it day and night. All in all its a great skincare line, I think that it creates a great base for a routine because I know ill still add a serum sunscreen eye cream etc congratulations zoe I looked foward to using your products now and in the future X
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