A chemical exfoliant is an exfoliant in a liquid form, normally AHA'S or BHA'S or some sort of acid (don't worry they are perfectly fine to use on the face) which will help to dissolve dead skin cells as a posed to a mechanical exfoliant that uses grains or beads to slough them off.

For those who don't like the feel of grainy scrubs a chemical exfoliant is the perfect solution, it can be applied after cleansing in the traditional toning stage and if you find it abit strong you can use a traditional hydrating toner on top or use some sort of mist.

*Quick Disclaimer: If your a guy like me reading this post I would not suggest using any of these after shaving or the day off as they could sting the skin so I would personally use them the day after.


Biologique Recherche Lotion P50:
We wouldn't be taking about chemical exfoliants without mentioning this bad boy, it's the rolls royce of acid toning, it contains a multitude of acids like lactic, salicylic and malic just to name a few. You can rinse off after a couple of minutes but my skin is pretty tough so it can handle it, I like using this a few times a week and it really helps with blemishes and ingrown hairs.

Clinique For Men Oil Control Exfoliating Tonic:
This will help to keep the clear and free of blemishes, I find this really good at making the way for a cleaner shave as well.

Elizabeth Arden Pro Hydration Peel Pads:
These are the bees knees of peel pads, it's main acids are lactic, glycolic and mandelic. They give a really good exfoliation and work beautifully underneath serums and moisturisers.
Rodial Glamoxy 15% Fruit Acid Exfoliating Pads:
These pads are soaked in fruit acids and always leave me with a glow the next morning.
Kerstin Florian At Home Professional Peel Pads 20%:
These pads are soaked in a multi acid blend to help exfoliate the skin leaving it brighter and ready to accept the products that follow.
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