Black Leopard skincare products are formulated with a mans skin in mind, the product contains ingredients that will help to maintain moisture balance in the skin and will help to soothe the skin before and after shaving.

Let's walk through my personal favourites in the line...

1. Hydrating Face Scrub:
A triple action face scrub that is perfect to use before shaving to unclog pores and make way for a closer shave, exfoliating before you shave also helps to prevent the occurrence of ingrown hairs.

2. Hair Styling Cream:
Helps to mould the hair into place without any residue, also contains an essential oil blend that helps hair growth, bonus!

3. Nourishing Lip Balm:
A moisturising lip balm that was originally made for cracked heels so it's pretty safe to say it will assist with chapped lips, apply as needed throughout the day to prevent chapped lips.

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