Products L-R: Brow Mascara, Couture Palate, Couture Kajal, Nail Jewel.

For the fall season YSL is bringing us a collection rich in colour, YSL's creative director Lloyd Simmonds says that you first see the woman's nails, then her eyes. He explains that the woman wearing this collection is a free spirit, she comes and goes as she pleases, just like the lines fashion house the makeup is a combination of rock with a feminine touch.

1: The Nails.
Matte black with studs and gold nails will be the first thing people notice when wearing the collection.

2: The Eyes.
Burgundy red and gold adds definition to the eyes making for a powerful free spirited makeup look.

3: Feline Flick.
The couture kajal will make the eyes defined, this easy to apply formula means you can create the defined look you desire.

 4: The Brows.
Grooming your brows is the easiest way to make you look polished, this brow mascara will help keep the hairs in place and tint them slightly.


*Images provided by YSL and L'Oreal Luxe.

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