Ellen is an award winning makeup artist, beauty editor, and performer from Sydney, Australia. In between busy days on set as a makeup artist, and writing for the North Shore publication ' the living local guide', she performs professionally with her operatic duo ' Sopranos on Stage'. She is a self confessed beauty junkie, with combination skin that tends to be sensitive, so she needs products that give great results without irritation. 

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As a professional makeup artist, I seem to spend my life answering beauty questions, so I created AskEllenBeauty to give my clients a place where they can ask for honest product recommendations and beauty solutions. I've been lucky enough to work with many of the world's leading skincare creators, in Australia and overseas, and tried oodles of products, however the following are products I've found to be just perfect for me.

Ellen's Skincare Edit:

Cleanser: Eve Lom Cleanser ( original ) 

Toner: Tonique Douceur by LancĂ´me 

Serum: Cold Plasma by Dr N.V. Perricone 

Eye cream: Acyl Glutathione Eye serum by Dr N.V. Perricone 

Moisturiser: Flower Harmonizing Cream by Chantecaille 

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Instagram: @askellenbeauty 

Twitter: @ellenmalone

Facebook: AskEllenBeauty 


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