Every week I'm sent media releases on products, sometimes they are classic products that are already on the market and other times they are products that are new and even in some cases have just been released in Australia. I received a release for leading derma-cosmetic skincare brand MonoDerma which is a line that consists on single dose vials containing anti ageing ingredients, I was very intrigued.

Let's walk through what I received...

MonoDerma C10:
These are Vitamin C capsules, Vitamin C is crucial in any anti ageing routine as it helps to maintain optimal skin health.

MonoDerma E5:

This capsule contains ingredients that will help to add hydration the your skin, it will help diminish photo ageing and heal itchy skin.

MonoDerma A15:

Contains Vitamin A, will help to exfoliate the skin and assist with any anti ageing concerns you may have, only to be used at night and sunscreen must be worn during the day to protect your skin.

For more information on MonoDerma Click Here.

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